Colombia Chapter

Brief History of the Chapter

Colombian Chapter was created in February 2015. First meeting was celebrated in Bogota, Colombia where HPB surgeons from all around the country came to start this important step in Colombia´s HPB surgery.

HPB surgery has been performed in Colombia by transplant liver surgeons, GI surgeons and Surg-Onc surgeons. Since HPB surgeons have a new role treating liver, pancreas and biliary pathology, this sub speciality has become a leader.

The Colombian chapter is the result and effort not only of many surgeons in Colombia who wants to develop HPB surgery, but also of HPB surgeons from AHPBA such as Elijah Dixon, Javier Lendoire and Gazi Zibari who has been contributing with generosity and friendship.

We are absolutely proud to start HPB chapter in Colombia and to be part of the AHPB and IHPBA. We have the compromise to contribute develop and education of HPB surgery in Colombia.

First National HPB meeting will be place this November 2016 with the active participation of AHPBA members.





Cristian Tarazona León

Vice President      

Mauricio Millán Lozano


Oscar Padrón Pardo         


Darío Perdomo Tejada


Fabio Vergara Suárez
  Rolando Martínez Acero
  Diego Dávila Martínez 
  Carlos Millán Cortés
  Álvaro Duarte Garcés


Héctor Pulido Celis
  German Gómez Santos


Luis Núñez Romero
  Carlos Blanco González




Juan Carlos Sabogal, Secretary


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