Korea Chapter


President Ho-Seong Han
Chairman  Hee Chul Yu
President-elect  Yang Won Nah
Chairman-elect  Sang-Jae Park
Director of the Planning Board  Jin-Seok Heo
Director of the Scientific Board (Liver) Ki-Hun Kim
Director of the Scientific Board (Biliary & Pancreas)  Joon Seong Park
Director of the Editorial Board  Shin Hwang
Director of the Examination/Subspecialty Board  Kyung Sik Kim
Director of the Informatics Board  Hyeon Kook Lee
Director of the Regulation Board  Chiyoung Jeong
Director of the Ethics Board  Nam-Joon Yi
Director of the Treasury Board  Sang Kuon Lee
Director of the Insurance Affairs Board  Sung-Sik Han
Director of the Education Board  Yoo-Seok Yoon
Director of the Research Board  Jin-Young Jang
Director of the Public relation Board  In-Seok Choi
Director of the Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee  Sang-Geol Kim
Director of the International/Tumor Registration Affairs Board  Chang Moo Kang
Director of the Terminology/Publication Board  Bong-Wan Kim
Director of the committee for The Liver Week  Dong-Sik Kim
Director of the Historical Records Management Committee  Yang Seok Koh
Secretary General  Gi Hong Choi
Vice Secretary General  Jae Do Yang
Vice Secretary General  Si Eun Hwang
Auditor  Deok-Bog Moon
Auditor  Dong Shik Lee


The KAHBPS has annual international congress 'HBP Surgery Week' since 2017.
Website: http://khbps.org


101-2203, Brownstone Seoul, 464 Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04510, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2051-8299
Fax: +82-2-2051-8298
Homepage: http://www.kahbps.or.kr
Mail: khbps@khbp.or.kr



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