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Brief History of the Chapter

DHPBA Dutch chapter of the International and European Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association

The DHPBA is the Dutch chapter of the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA, www.iphba.org) and the European-African Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (E-AHPBA, www.ehpba.org)

The purpose of the DHPBA is to represent the following three Dutch study groups in the IHPBA and E-AHPBA meetings:

  • Dutch Study Group for Liver Surgery (Werkgroep Leverchirurgie) - Chair: Dr Dirk Grünhagen (www.werkgroep-leverchirurgie.nl)
  • Dutch Pancreatitis Study Group (Pancreatitis Werkgroep Nederland) - Chair: Prof. dr. H. van Goor, Radboud UMC (PWN, www.pancreatitis.nl)
  • Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group - Chair: Prof. dr. O.R. Busch, AMC Amsterdam (DPCG, www.dpcg.nl)
  • Dutch Hepato Biliary Audit (DHBA) – Chair: Dr. Dirk Grunhagen (www.clinicalaudit.nl )
  • Dutch Hepatocellular and Cholangiocarcinoma Group (DHCG)  - Chair: Prof O.M. van Delden (www.dhcg.org)

The Dutch Chapter also stimulates and endorses HPB training in the Netherlands:

  • Standards for HPB training - IHPBA 2008
  • Curriculum for HPB surgery fellowships - IHPBA 2008
  • UEMS European HPB surgery exam Please cf. website for details (www.dhpba.nl)

The Dutch Chapter organizes an annual "highlights" meeting which covers the Dutch presentations at the respective IHPBA or E-AHPBA meetings as well as the general highlights of these meetings.

The Dutch Chapter is further involved with the annual Alpine Liver and Pancreatic Surgery meeting in Italy (www.alpshpbmeeting.com/)


  • President: Prof. J. M. Klaase
  • Secretary: Prof. M.G. Besselink
  • Treasurer: Prof. I.Q. Molenaar
  • Webmaster: Prof. M.G. Besselink, website@dphba.nl
  • National HPB Audit Officer: Prof. R. van Hillegersberg


Prof. J.M. Klaase
Department of HPB Surgery and Liver Transplantation
University Medical Center Groningen
P.O. Box 30.001
9700RB Groningen, the Netherlands
Phone: +31-50-3616161
e-mail: j.m.klaase@umcg.nl  


2022 News:

Prof. Kees Dejong has been appointed  as IHPBA Honorary Member 2022

Prof. Thomas van Gulik has been rewarded the Distinguished Service Award 2021

Prof. Marc Besselink has been chosen as the new E-AHPBA President Elect 

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