Roundtable Video 1. Preparation and selection of the Pancreatic Surgical Patient

By Alison Shamwana | Started 26th Oct 2015

IHPBA is delighted to present a series of roundtable discussions on Treatment and Advances in the Surgical Management of Pancreatic Cancer.  This is the first chapter, on Preparation and Selection of the Pancreatic Surgical Patient.

Other chapters:

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Video Outline:

1.  The Clinical Focus of the Pancreatic Surgeon

a)  Malignancies, Cystic disease, and Acute pancreatitis

2.  Surgical Background of the Pancreatic Surgeon

a)  Hepato-Biliary, Transplant, and Surgical Oncology

3.  Pancreatic Resection

a)  Patient selection criteria and considerations

    • Is the disease state aligned with a surgical indication?
    • Surgical fitness of the patient
    • Image quality in acquisition and interpretation
    • Multi-disciplinary decision making


Participant Background:

Charles Vollmer

Director of Pancreatic Surgery
Co-Chief of Upper Gastrointestinal Oncology at the Abramson Cancer Center
Co-Director of the Penn Pancreatic Cyst Program

Hospital Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania

Expertise: Malignant and benign conditions of the pancreas and biliary system, pancreatitis, pancreatic cystic lesions, pancreatic cancer, and upper gastrointestinal malignancies


Robert C.G. Martin

Sam and Lolita Weakley Professor
Division Director, Division of Surgery

Hospital Affiliation: University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Expertise: Liver Tumors, Pancreatic, Esophageal, Gastric, Colon, Bile duct, Sarcoma and Melanoma


Professor Michelle de Oliviera

Assistant Professor at University of Zurich

Hospital Affiliation: University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland


Professor Nigel Heaton

Professor of Liver Transplant, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Hospital Affiliation: London Bridge Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Living Donor Transplantation, complex hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, liver transplantation

This video was produced with grant support from our Corporate Partner, AngioDynamics, Inc. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this video are those of the individuals appearing in the video and do not necessarily reflect the view of AngioDynamics, Inc.


Comments (3)
  • Harjeet Singh 27th Oct 2015


    sir who should manage early phase of acute pancreatitis. medical gastro or surgical gastro team. i think decision problem are more when patients is not under direct care of surgeons. 



  • Fabrizio Panaro 3rd Aug 2018


    THe best is a medical-surgical team! If depend of the acute pancreatitis degree (Baltazar Score). If C, D or E if better a expanded team. If just A or B the gastro is enough to manage the pancreatitis.


  • Tamara Floyd 13th Jun 2020


    The "pillars of an HPB Surgeon"--benign, pre-malignant, malignant. Great discussion and points!

    My thought about acute pancreatitis is that medical and surgical teams should be involved. Certainly depending on other surgeons available and their level of comfort, the potential need for CBDE may make HPB Surgeon involvement important. Additionally, I have seen cases where the perceived underlying cause of pancreatitis is contributed solely to gallstones and the patient actually has an underlying stricture or mass, which may leave the biliary system not adequately decompressed and contribute to post-cholecystectomy problems. Here, an HPB Surgeon would be key.

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