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There is good evidence that HPB continues to go from strength to strength. I have been well supported by an enthusiastic editorial team and board and we have two new recruits in Rebecca Minter and Ewen Harrison to deal with our increasing workload and educational developments. I have previously recorded my gratitude to the AHPBA whose mandatory submission policy established a very strong base on which we have managed to secure Medline indexing in 2010 and our ISI rating in 2011 with an impact factor of 1.285. We are now the official journal of all three regional associations. The increasing flow of manuscripts has enabled us to secure a further rise in the impact factor to 1.604 in 2012. We hope for good news this June!

In 2012, 564 manuscripts were submitted for consideration of publication, almost double the number when I became editor. The editorial team has managed to reduce the average turn around time from submission to final decision from 8 weeks to just over 4 weeks in 2012. Inevitably with the drive to quality, the acceptance rate will fall further from the 46% rate in 2012. We do intend to promote increased usage with our virtual journal issues and look for added value from the educational developments on the myHPB page of the Association website.

Our publishers acknowledge the need to increase our corporate sales revenues as we move to an enhanced electronic platform for our journal in 2013. We wish to build on the quality articles that we are now able to publish. The surge in manuscript submissions does mean that there may be disappointment but we appreciate the need to drive further the quality of the journal’s content. In the next newsletter, I will provide a more detailed report and anticipate evidence that our Journal remains one of our association’s major assets.

James Garden, Editor-in-Chief, HPB

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