The Kenneth Warren Fellowship recipient of 2017-2018

We are delighted to announce that this year the IHPBA Kenneth Warren Fellowship has been awarded to Dr Fabio Bagante of Verona, Italy. Dr Bagante is currently working at the University of Verona under the mentorship of Professor Alfredo Guglielmi. 

The primary objective of Dr Bagante's Kenneth Warren Fellowship research is to investigate the association between clinical data of patients who underwent liver surgery for Cholangiocarcinoma (CCC) at 14 tertiary referrals HPB centres from the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia and the genetic characteristics of the CCCs. These research studies will allow a) an increased accuracy to stage patients with CCC, b) an improved identification of patients with disease that have similar biological behaviour, c) an improved selection and identification of patients who may benefit from adjuvant therapies, and c) identification of potential genes that may be important to prognosis as well as be “target-able” for therapeutic interventions and clinical trials.

Dr Bagante will be working under the mentorship of Dr Timothy M. Pawlik, Chair of the Department of Surgery and Professor of Surgery at the Ohio State University.

IHPBA would like to congratulate Dr Bagante on this achievement and wish him all the best with this important project.

Read more on the Kenneth Warren Fellowship here.

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