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The new impact factor for HPB has just been released and is 3.054 which is a slight fall from last year but importantly we remain above 3 which is good for a small specialty and retain a clear margin between ourselves and other mainstream journals publishing significant volumes of papers on HPB Surgery. In addition the citation rate has increased yet again and the 5 year impact factor is 3.4. Some competing journals publish very low volumes of citable articles and/or have high self-citation rates, which can create a false sense of their importance within the field.

Impact factor reflects the number of cites compared to the total number of citable articles. HPB experienced a further surge in citations although our strategy of increasing the number of accepted manuscripts may have contributed to the slight fall in impact factor. We remain the journal to which your best manuscripts should be submitted. We thank authors and our reviewers for their continued support. 

The journal is developing a social media strategy and now has its own twitter account @HPBjournal with more than 1000 followers. Some of our readers will have seen visual abstracts circulating for some of our papers. We intend to appoint some editorial assistants to support the development of our social media profile which we hope will stimulate discussion and citation of our papers. We have also reinvigorated the correspondence section of the journal and are actively encouraging correspondence particularly which contains novel data or new insights or opinions on published work.

I would personally like to thank the editorial team and the editorial board for all their hard work. We are on course for another record-breaking number of submitted manuscripts this year and we could not maintain the quality of the journal without your help and support.

Stephen J Wigmore, Editor-in-Chief, HPB 

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