Outreach to Bhutan and appeal for instruments

We are happy to inform you that after the first outreach visit to Bhutan for a needs assessment, we are able to map out their requirements.  As a part of it, a Thomson Retractor costing approximately $2,000 US dollars has been donated to the JDWNRH. Prof. Avinash Supe, Past President of Indian Chapter of IHPBA and Secretary A-PHPBA has handed over the same to Dr. Karma Sherub in the presence of the Dean and Medical Superintendent.  

The local team are very grateful and further requirements include:

  1. Laparoscopic instruments
  2. Harmonic Generator
  3. Vascular instruments

The next visit is planned for 14th-15th October.  Dr. Thomas van Gulik (IHPBA Foundation) and Prof. K.K. Madhavan (A-PHPBA Foundation) have confirmed their participation. 

If you have instruments to donate please let us know immediately. You can join the mission and bring the instruments. You will get a special visa.

Any support is welcome, you can also donate to 'ihpba foundation' via the online donation form and mention 'Bhutan outreach' to earmark the funds. 

Bhutan is a land of "gross national happiness' led by a surgeon Prime Minister.  Healthcare is free and definitely deserves our support. 

Thanks and regards

Dr Jagannath


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