IHPBA statement on humanitarian crises

We continue to see so many heart-wrenching and devastating stories of human suffering and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, the Congo, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Yemen and many other places, with millions of people being displaced from their homes while fleeing atrocities inflicted upon them – often by totalitarian governments.  82.4 million people worldwide have been forcibly displaced (https://www.unhcr.org/en-us/figures-at-a-glance.html) due to conflict, persecution and violence.

As a global organization, the IHPBA wishes to provide support to our friends, colleagues, and all of those impacted by these horrible humanitarian crises.  We also wish to build community with each other, person to person through interactions in our association that build trust and respect.  These aggressors worldwide are not our members, regardless of their country of origin.  We hope that these personal and human connections can occur at our upcoming meeting in New York City, as well as through our humanitarian outreach efforts and regional meetings. 

The IHPBA will be lending its support through a donation to the UN Crisis Relief, please join us.

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