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IHPBA 2020 - More content added!

The congress abstracts and over 240 E-Videos have now been added to the 2020 congress archive.


Pre-operative Planning Modules

The new pre-operative planning modules which have been developed by IHPBA in association with the University of Toronto focus on recognising procedure-and patient-specific slowing down moments during preoperative planning. These “slowing down when you should” moments are characteristic of expert surgical judgment and may be anticipated and proactively planned for, or triggered by unanticipated situations that arise during the operation.

This exciting new educational resource features expert surgeons describing their slowing down moments in standard procedures.

By watching the video discussions, viewers can gain a better understanding of:
• Critical anatomy
• Operative manoeuvers
• Techniques used by the surgeons
• How experts stay out of trouble and perform the operation safely

Case modules are based on real situations with:
• Case overview
• Patient imaging and clinical history
• Preoperative analyses from two or more expert surgeons, with the opportunity to compare their findings with the viewer’s own analysis
• Intraoperative videos narrated by the operating surgeon
• Post-operative debrief from the operating surgeon reviewing the key learning points from the case

These videos feature expert HPB surgeons from around the globe, some speaking in their own languages, with English subtitles.

New modules are planned and there will be new modules launched throughout 2019 so watch this space! 

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