History & Purpose

IHPBA History

IHPBA dates back to 1978 when it was founded as the International Biliary Association (IBA) in San Francisco, California. The new IHPBA was formally inaugurated at its first General Assembly on May 31st 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts, and USA. The IHPBA was incorporated as a non-profit organisation with the goals of finding effective treatment for the disorders of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree: to promote understanding, encourage change, study problems, foster friendship in the field of HPB surgery, strive towards highest ethical standards and advance education and career development in the field.

Further information can be found in Dr Ronald Tompkins' insight into the history of IHPBA and its predecessor IBA (the International Biliary Association) here and a full history of IHPBA can be found in the account by Drs Pitt, Williamson, Toouli, Gouma and Windsor here.

You can also read Dr Pitt's recent article 'IHPBA: the first 25 years' here.

IHPBA Purpose

The IHPBA is incorporated as a non-profit organisation whose goals include the following:

  • To promote understanding of the causes, investigation and treatment of disorders of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree;
  • To encourage the interchange of clinical and scientific knowledge among surgeons and members of related disciplines working in this field;
  • To study any relevant problems that affect the liver, pancreas and biliary tract and to facilitate collaborative research into the factors that lead to disease of these organs and their prevention;
  • To foster friendship among clinicians and scientists involved in hepatic, pancreatic and biliary disciplines;
  • To strive towards the highest ethical standards in the Association's fields of endeavour; foster education and career development in the field through an identifiable funding mechanism.

Vision, Mission, Principles and Objectives

At their May 24, 2005 Strategic Planning Meeting the IHPBA Council developed the following updated vision, mission, principles and objectives:


The IHPBA will be the premier international organisation devoted to relief of worldwide human suffering caused by hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) disorders by improving education, training, innovation and patient care.


The Mission of the IHPBA is to improve evidence-based care and optimise the outcomes of patients with HPB disorders throughout the world by:

  • Disseminating research findings and best treatment practices
  • Advancing HPB specific training
  • Fostering research and innovation
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration


The Principles of the IHPBA are as follows:

  • The IHPBA is committed to excellence in patient care and is devoted to elevating standards of care throughout the world.
  • The IHPBA encourages the recruitment, mentorship, training and career development of individuals interested in hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders.
  • The IHPBA embraces a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders and fosters collegial relationships.
  • The IHPBA encourages membership by qualified candidates interested in hepato-pancreato-biliary disorders including anesthesiologists, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, transplant physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and investigators.
  • The IHPBA is committed to the highest ethical standards in research, education, organisational operation and interaction with industry.


The objectives of the IHPBA are to:

  • Foster the development of HPB as a specialty.
  • Have the World Congress be the premier international HPB meeting.
  • Establish HPB as an outstanding journal in the field.
  • Set standards for and accredit HPB fellowship training programs.
  • Strengthen ties with the HPB Regional Associations and National Chapters.
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with other specialty organisations supporting our mission and principles.
  • Expand education and support for HPB patients.
  • Support HPB research and career development through the Warren Fellowship.
  • Encourage HPB clinical trials to advance evidence-based medicine.
  • Develop HPB related practice guidelines.
  • Expand membership globally.
  • Manage the Association in a financially sound, effective and efficient manner.
  • Optimise communication by an on-line education platform. web-based membership directory, an e-newsletter and on-line journal.
  • Acknowledge significant individual contributions through the IHPBA Distinguished Service Award.
  • Document the rich history of the Association.

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