The Education and Training Committee and Outreach Committee have joined together to create HPBridge. The goal is to facilitate collaborations between/among HPB units in the IHPBA-- established units with growing units, higher resource and lower resource, North and South, East and West!  The IHPBA will provide a platform for communication and collaboration and guidance on how these relationships can be fruitful to all partners.

In late March 2023 we sent out an email to the IHPBA membership soliciting information about established collaborations and we have been impressed by a number of rich international partnerships.  The sharing of experience and knowledge across borders for the benefit of our patients is the very foundation of the IHPBA.  We will stand on the shoulders of these pioneers.

We are now inviting applications from IHPBA member units who are not already collaborating to join HPBridge. We will initially select 6 pilot collaborations which may be pairs or small groups (aligning geography). However, we anticipate expanding this over time, and all applicants will be considered for future groupings as the program grows.

Once collaborations have been chosen, we will offer structure for virtual MDTs, video and simulation-based teaching using existing IHPBA resources, and site visits. We anticipate collecting data for auditing purposes and potential publications. Our goal is for the 6 pilot collaborations to have at least 6 months of time working together prior to the May 2024 congress. This will allow for the component of the IHPBA congress we are currently planning to serve as an important time for in-person meetings within and across the collaborations.

Participants in the HPBridge programme who have demonstrated a measurable commitment to this exchange may be eligible for a travel grant to attend the 2024 Cape Town World Congress.

If you are interested in applying to be paired with another HPB Centre, please submit your application, using the form found here.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 28 July, 2023.

Corporate Partners

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If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner of the IHBPA please contact industry@ihpba.org

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