Regional Associations

The IHPBA fosters close relations with its three regional associations. Each regional association represents membership in its geographic area and close collaboration between the regions and the world organisation extends to joint membership, shared journals and collaborative projects and meetings. The three regional associations are the Americas, the Asian/Pacific and Europe/Africa/Middle East. The regional associations hold their congresses in the years alternating with the IHPBA World Congress i.e. in the odd years, with the exception of the AHPBA which holds its meeting annually.

Extract from the IHPBA By Laws, Article II, Members, Section 6. Meetings. (b) Regional Congresses: The Corporation will encourage regional meetings in the alternate years between World Congresses. These meetings will be continental and/or hemispheric in scope. These meetings will be organised and run by independent regional hepato-pancreato-biliary societies, associations, chapters and/or corporations.

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