AICEP (Associazione Italiana Chirurgia EpatobilioPancreatica) is a scientific, cultural, non-political and non-profit association formally established on 24 June 2019, whose main purpose is to promote the clinical, technical and scientific progress of Italian surgery in the Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic field. It represents the national reference association for the European / African / Middle Eastern Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (E-AHPBA) and for the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA).

The association takes inspiration from the criteria and principles that lead E-AHPBA and IHPBA, such as the striving for excellence in patient care, the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach and promotion of collegial relationships, dedication to the highest ethical standards in areas such as research, education, interaction with the world of industry. It pursues - also in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Regions, Hospitals and other public and private health organizations and institutions - the following purposes: promote clinical and experimental research; promote contacts between interested members, increasing the exchange of views and the dissemination of knowledge; promote and coordinate multicenter studies and diagnostic and therapeutic protocols; develop guidelines; promote dissemination and updating activities; promote the establishment of national registries; promote correct information to citizens on hepatobiliopancreatic diseases; in collaboration with the media, encourage a correct approach to diseases.

AICEP Council is composed of by the President (current president is Luca Aldrighetti), six Counselors and five Probiviri. The association currently has more that 300 members, including surgeons coming from all Italian regions. 



President:  Alfredo Guglielmi
Secretarian: Alessandro Cucchetti
Counsellors: Stefano Crippa
Nadia Russolillo
Francesco Ardito
Giammauro Berardi
Alessandro Vitale.





Alessandro Cucchetti, MD

Associate Professor of General Surgery 
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences - DIMEC
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
General Surgery of the Morgagni - Pierantoni Hospital, Forlì

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