Japan Chapter

Brief History of the Chapter

The Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery was founded in 1993 and currently holds 3524 members. We decided to function as a Japan Chapter for A-PHPBA/IHPBA in 2012. As of Dec. 2012, approximately 130 of our members are active members for A-PHPBA/IHPBA. We are encouraging our members to apply for the membership for A-PHPBA/IHPBA. In June 2013, we had the 25th annual meeting in Utsunomiya with approximately 2000 participants. In this meeting, we had the first joint session with A-PHPBA/IHPBA inviting distinguished HPB surgeons from all over the world. We decided to continue the joint session in our future annual meeting.


Chairman: Norihiro Kokudo

Council members:
Masato Nagino
Susumu Eguchi
Sumihito Tamura
Keita Wada
Kyoichi Takaori
Go Wakabayashi
Yasuyuki Suzuki

President, JSHBPS: Masakazu Yamamoto
Chairman of next meeting (29th meeting in 2017): Masakazu Yamamoto
Chairman of following meeting (30th meeting in 2018): Itaru Endo
Founder president, JSHBPS: Tadahiro Takada


Miho Ueotani
3F Yotsuya TT Bldg,
1-15 Sumiyoshi-cho,
162-0065 Japan

Phone: +81-3-6380-4341
Email: info@jshbps.jp
Website: http://www.jshbps.jp/en.html


Corporate Partners

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If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner of the IHBPA please contact industry@ihpba.org

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