Report from the 2nd Argentine and Latin-American Congress, 2014

The Second Argentine and Latin American Congress on Hepato-Pancreato-Billiary Surgery took place on 30th April 2014 at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

A joint meeting took place with the presidents of the Latin American HPB Chapters together with the Presidents of the IHPBA and AHPBA. The objective of the meeting was to analyse the regional and national characteristics of each Chapter and define common pathways of co-operation with both societies.

Presidents of IHPBA, AHPBA and the Latin-American HPB Chapters

From left to right:-

 Carlos Chan  President, Mexico Chapter
 Hernán de la Fuente   President, Chile Chapter
 Renán Antelo  President, Bolivia Chapter
 Erick Soto   President, Guatemala Chapter
 Castor Samaniego  President, Paraguay Chapter
 Luiz Carneiro D’Albuquerque  Chairman, 2016 Sao Paulo IHPBA World Congress
 Oscar Imventarza  President, Argentina Chapter
 Palepu Jagannath   President, IHPBA
 Elijah Dixon  President, AHPBA
Javier Lendoire Congress Chairman
Orlando Martins Torres President, Brazil Chapter
Serio López President, Nicaragua Chapter
Víctor Hugo Torres Cueva President, Perú Chapter
Néstor Gómez Past President, Ecuador Chapter


During the Congress the following scientific activities took place:

  • 1 Pre-Congress Course
  • 7 Symposia
  • 18 Lectures
  • 2 Debate sessions
  • 2 Case Presentation sessions
  • 2 Controversy in HPB sessions
  • 2 Master video sessions

534 participants:

  • 413 - Argentina
  • 23 - Chile
  • 12 - Brazil
  • 12 - Uruguay
  • 10 - Perú
  • 8 - Paraguay
  • 5 - Ecuador
  • 3 - Bolivia
  • 3 - Guatemala 
  • and 45 from other countries

92 abstracts were accepted for presentation:

  • 44 free videos
  • 28 Oral presentations
  • 20 Posters  


Chapter meetings in 2014:

 Argentine Chapter  Buenos Aires, April 28-30
 Chilean Chapter  Coquimbo, July 31 - Aug 1
 Brazilian Chapter  Sao Paulo, August 22-23
 Panamá Chapter  Panamá, September 17-18
 Canadian Chapter  Vancouver, September 19-20
 Bolivian Chapter  Tarija, October 8-10
 Mexican Chapter  Cancún, December 3-5


Javier Lendoire, Congress Chairman



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