CGF E Alexander Stent Fund grant to fund additional Kenneth Warren Fellowship

The IHPBA Foundation is extremely grateful to the CGF E Alexander Stent Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, for again providing a generous grant which has been designated to fund a second Kenneth Warren Fellowship in 2018/2019.   Dr Kenneth W Warren’s sons, Tom and George Warren, set up the Foundation with the goal of supporting the salary of two Warren Fellows each year, and we are therefore delighted that this grant has enabled the IHPBA Foundation to award a second Kenneth Warren Fellowship this year.

Dr Georgios Antonios Margonis was awarded the 2018/2019 Kenneth Warren Fellowship in June 2018 and we are now very pleased to announce that the second IHPBA Kenneth Warren Fellowship for 2018/2019 has been awarded to Dr Fangyu Zhou of Shanghai, China.

The two main objectives of Dr Zhou’s research are: 1) to address the macrophage and neutrophil interactions with regards to tumor growth, and 2) to assess the effect of CD47 blockade directly promoting neutrophil recruitment to the tumor site.  CD47 signaling pathway has been reported to be involved in multiple tumor development including HCC.  In a previous study, CD47 signaling blockade reportedly overcame tumor’s immune-evasive mechanism, resulting in tumor shrinkage.  The hypothesis here is that CD47 blockade leads to recruitment of tumor-suppressive macrophages to tumor site and subsequently recruits tumor-destroying neutrophils.  An established mouse model capable of bearing multiple HCC cell lines is suitable for addressing their objectives and will be used in this study.

Dr Zhou will conduct his research under the mentorship of Dr. Will Chapman at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

IHPBA would like to congratulate Dr Zhou on this achievement and wish him all the best with his research in St Louis.

Read more on the Kenneth Warren Fellowship here 

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